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    Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing a website's code, content, structure, and external factors to meet the requirements of search engine algorithms, with the aim of increasing the site's position in search engine results for certain user queries.

    This is a complex task that requires a comprehensive approach by qualified specialists: SEO specialists, content managers, marketers, and analysts. All businesses are very different, and each one needs to develop its own SEO promotion strategy.

    • + SEO audit
    • + SEO optimization
    • + Comprehensive site promotion
    • + Monthly reports
    • + Technical support
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    Development of an individual strategy

    Comprehensive analysis of the business’s target audience, evaluation of competitors and their promotion methods, development of a content plan.

    SEO site audit

    In-depth analysis of the site for technical errors, usability, and compliance with search engine standards.

    Formation of the semantic core of the site

    Work on forming the semantic core of the site, comparing it with competitors, optimizing internal pages for search queries.

    Formation of the site structure

    Based on the developed semantic core, a user-friendly site structure is formed.

    Internal site optimization

    Elimination of technical site errors, checking meta tags, h tags, and micro-markup, speeding up site loading, and more.

    Content optimization

    Collecting useful information and distributing it across site pages. Texts carry a lot of weight in SEO, so we pay the most attention to them.

    External optimization

    Increasing the link mass to increase the PageRank site authority. Increasing the link mass is a gradual process to avoid sanctions from search engines.

    Monitoring and reporting

    We monitor the main metrics of site effectiveness and make changes to the promotion strategy as necessary. We provide clients with monthly reports on all site metrics, which allows them to analyze the effectiveness of the promotion.

    Why does business need a comprehensive approach?

    Increasing the number of calls and inquiries from potential customers through search engines is the main goal of SEO promotion. Organic search can bring high-quality traffic of potential customers if a well-formed and implemented website promotion strategy is in place.

    That is why we offer a comprehensive approach. Qualified specialists from our team work on the project from strategy development to reporting at all stages of SEO promotion. Let’s multiply your profits together!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of SEO promotion depends on the scale of the project, the number of pages on the website or products in the online store, competition, and the volume of work. To calculate the cost of SEO promotion, we conduct an SEO audit, and based on the data obtained, a list of work and an estimate are formed. You just need to contact us by filling out the contact form.

    The minimum time for SEO website promotion is 3 months. This is the period after which the website positions will start to grow. It takes 6 months to achieve stable results. In more competitive niches, this period may be longer. Sometimes clients want to get results faster, within two weeks or a month. SEO promotion cannot be done so quickly because the use of black promotion methods will result in sanctions from search engines. The duration of SEO promotion primarily depends on the algorithms of search engines.

    WEB1 web studio has been working since 2011. During this time, we have developed many websites, and most of them we promoted in search engines. We guarantee high-quality work thanks to qualified employees and the team’s deep immersion in each project.

    The service is aimed at improving the website’s positions in search engines. Thus, you will receive quality organic traffic from the Google search network, which converts into potential customers and new orders.

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