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    Contextual advertising is a large advertising platform from the world's largest search network. It has all the tools to help your products or services find customers. You only pay for the result - a click to your website. You set the advertising budget. Sales from day one are a reality!

    We will help you set up the advertising that best suits the specifics of your business: targeting, search, contextual-media advertising or Google Shopping. We will set up geotargeting for any location and bring targeted and loyal audiences to your site. And then your website will convert this audience into customers.

    • + Search advertising
    • + Media advertising
    • + Google Shopping
    • + Reporting and analytics
    • + Technical support
    • + Sales from day one
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    Preparation of an advertising project

    As part of the preparation, we study and analyze competitors and their advertising campaigns, process the target audience, and develop a development strategy.

    Development of an advertising campaign

    We develop ad texts and divide them into groups. We determine the types of advertising: targeting, search, contextual-media advertising, or Google Shopping.

    Setting up contextual advertising

    We set up advertising campaigns directly in Google Ads. We select keywords for ad groups, add extensions to ads for maximum attractiveness, and create a list of negative keywords.

    Advertising campaign support

    We track intermediate results of the advertising campaign, analyze information, adjust the campaign settings if necessary. We analyze the list of negative keywords and make adjustments, add new keywords, and process recommendations from Google Ads.

    Why does business need a comprehensive approach?

    Contextual advertising is the perfect tool for starting a business. When everything is just beginning, and you want to get the first customers right now, contextual advertising is the best choice. Contextual advertising is also combined with SEO promotion, so when SEO is not working yet, contextual advertising brings the first customers.

    That’s why we offer a comprehensive approach. After developing a website or online store, it is advisable to order a contextual advertising setup service, and our specialists will do everything necessary. Use modern advertising technologies for the benefit of your business!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of setting up contextual advertising depends on the scale of your website, the number of services or products in the online store. To calculate the cost of setting up contextual advertising for your project, please leave a request, and our manager will calculate the cost for your project.

    It all depends on the scale of your website, the number of services or products in the online store. On average, setting up contextual advertising takes about 7 days.

    Yes. We will support your advertising campaign throughout its duration. We will track the intermediate results of the advertising campaign, analyze the information, and adjust the settings of the advertising campaign if necessary. We will also analyze the list of “negative words” and adjust it, add new keywords, and process the recommendations of Google Ads.

    A properly configured advertising campaign gives results in the next few days. However, it takes time for Google Ads intelligence to adapt to your advertising campaign, which can take several weeks. It is important that the advertising campaign leads to a quality landing page that meets the user’s query.

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