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    Online store for the manufacturer GorillasBBQ

    The customer was tasked with making an online store of goods for tourism GorillasBBQ. Strict requirements for design and corporate style were set. A multilingual interface, SEO optimization and site promotion were also planned.

    Functional requirements for the site:

    • + Clear navigation
    • + Corporate style
    • + Fast ordering
    • + Catalog of products
    • + Unloading of goods at ROZETKA
    • + Google shopping connection
    • + Integration with the CRM system
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    Functionality and features of the project:

    The standard functionality of the online store platform is not always sufficient for the customer, and thanks to modules and refinements, it can be expanded almost without restrictions. We finalized the standard functionality of the online store in accordance with the customer's requirements.

    One of the key tasks was to connect the site to the CRM system. Our company developed a multilingual online store with the necessary functionality, integrated with the site the marketplace rozetka and googlw shopping, implemented SEO optimization. We are working on SEO promotion of the site.

    The customer received a functional turnkey e-commerce platform that is synchronized with the CRM system and marketplaces.

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